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> In the mech, you're a legend. You drop into battlefield and turn the tide like cavalry of old. The infantry look up at you in awe and will toast to your arrival to their last days.

> Outside the mech, you're like everyone else. Bullets and knives bleed you just like the rest. If not for your L.I.G.H.T. you'd be dead a dozen times over most like. 

> Too bad you can't be mounted all the time. 

PILOT'S LIGHT is a rules light tabletop roleplaying game where players embody Mech Pilots in a dangerous galaxy.

Gather a fireteam, GM, & a handful of d4's and get ready to drop, Pilots. 

Hacked from Jared Sinclair's Whats So Cool About Outer Space framework for the Whats So Cool About JamPILOT'S LIGHT offers two distinct game modes expanding on the WSCA framework.

Boots On the Ground! For the rough & tumble times when you've gotta get out there and just do it yourself outside the protection and majesty of the mech. It's not easy but some jobs require a personal touch. 

Gears Up! The good stuff. Mech time. When you get to be the big damn hero. 40' tall, carrying a cannon, and armored to next week there's not much that scares you now.


  •  Titanfall 1 & 2 
  •  Destiny 1 & 2
  •  The Halo Series
  •  John Scalzi's The Interdependency Series
  •  Lancer

The TTRPG Safety Toolkit is a resource created by Kienna Shaw and Lauren Bryant-Monk. The TTRPG Safety Toolkit is a compilation of safety tools that have been designed by members of the tabletop roleplaying games community for use by players and GMs at the table. You can find it at bit.ly/ttrpgsafetytoolkit.

Special & Enthusiastic thanks to:
Viditya  Voleti 
Twitter: @VidityaVoleti | https://vidityavoleti.itch.io/

Alex Guerrero
Twitter: @Afractaldragon | https://fractaldragon.itch.io/

J.R. Zambrano
Twitter: @jrrmungandr | https://www.belloflostsouls.net/author/jayarr

Simon Moody
Twitter: @LuchaLibris | https://colorspraygames.itch.io/

Ru Patel
Twitter: @CherryDrop

Hans Chun 
Twitter: @HansCTweets | https://hanschun.itch.io/


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absolutely gorgeous game <333