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Adding a new Elemental Stat alongside Pyre, Volt, and Nether... Boreal stands for the shadows that LIGHT casts. 
Custom Boreal Stat rules and new Powers for each the Colossus, Stalker, and Wych classes of LIGHT as well as the Aethereal of LIGHT: Aethereal.

A Nguyen Conditions LIGHT Module
by Kevin Thien Vu Long Nguyen

LIGHT is written and designed by Spencer Campbell
Twitter: @GilaRPGs | gilarpgs.com | gilarpgs.itch.io

Beeple / Mike Winkelmann 
Cover Art asset

Simon Moody 
Twitter: @LuchaLibris | https://colorspraygames.itch.io/
Research & Design development & Cover Art Consultation

Viditya Voleti 
Twitter: @VidityaVoleti | https://vidityavoleti.itch.io/
Research & Design development

Korben Dennis
Twitter: @KorbenDennis | https://www.korbendennis.com/
Research & Design development


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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